Chapter 5.3: Campus environment accessibility - Accessible transportation

5.3.1. Rationale

  • Provide accessible transportation for students and staff with disabilities when transportation is provided for university-related activities (i.e. including both academic and non-academic activities). However, staff and students with disabilities are allowed to use their own transportation services, except where attendance in the university-provided transportation is compulsory.
  • The scope of area of “campus environment” covered by the transport insurance and administration policy should match the scope of venues of university-related activities. Both on-campus and off-campus areas should be considered.

5.3.2. Essential practices

  • Students should be able to book services and immediately contact the driver or transportation office in multiple ways, e.g. text messaging. Filling in paper-and-pen booking forms or making phone calls should not be the only ways as these ways might not be accessible for users with visual impairment and deaf or hard of hearing users respectively.
  • Accessible parking space and parking permit should be reserved for registered users with disabilities.
  • Shuttle bus service might be provided within the campus. Accessible bus stop with audible signal system and Braille marking of the bus numbers should be provided.
  • Some students with visual impairment might hold the bus number card to inform the drivers of the coming buses. Drivers should also know about the appropriate location and the way students with visual impairment (and those with guide dogs) get on and off the bus. Awareness training should be provided to the on-campus shuttle bus drivers. Other people at the bus stops might help as well.

5.3.3. Existing practices of local universities

5.3.4. Existing practices of overseas universities

If students with disabilities are unable to use public transport due to inaccessibility, and the students need to go to campus by taxi to attend classes, then the students may receive travel costs reimbursement or claim the additional costs.