Enhancing accessibility of e-Books (EPUB)

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  • Digital books are essential teaching and learning resources. Researchers may publish books to disseminate their research findings. Scholars may publish professional and academic textbooks.
  • It is common to create separate versions of the publications which address certain specific needs of certain groups of potential users as a kind of reactive practice. However, it would be great to create a single version of the publications that could cater for the diverse needs of a wider range of groups of potential users (i.e., “born accessible”) at the outset.
  • Some digital books require specific reading devices or programmes for reading. It is essential to consider the accessibility of both the book formats and the reading devices or programmes.
  • It is important to consider accessibility from the beginning of the publication process to better cater for the diverse needs of the potential users to the greatest extent possible.
  • In this section, there are some generic and useful resources about creating accessible publications. These resources are not exhaustive or definitive.

International standard

Essential guidelines


  • EPUBCheck
    • an automated EPUB 3 accessibility checker that validates the conformance of EPUB publications against the EPUB specifications.
    • for both content creators and content distributors, used by most of the digital publishing actors in their workflows.
    • the official conformance checker for EPUB publications owned by World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).
  • SaveAsDAISY
    • a free add-in for Microsoft Word for creating accessible publications in DAISY multimedia, EPUB 3, braille and large print.
    • for converting Word document with accessible mathematical content inserted using MathType to DAISY.
  • WordToEPUB
    • for creating an EPUB file from documents created in a word processor.
    • works on Windows 7, 8, 10, and 11.
    • for converting Word document with accessible mathematical content inserted using MathType to EPUB.
  • Ace by DAISY
    • an automated accessibility checker for EPUB Publications to assist in the evaluation of conformance to the EPUB Accessibility specification.
    • not a complete accessibility conformance evaluation tool; only a limited portion of accessibility checks can be automated.
  • Tobi
    • a multimedia book production authoring tool for creating human narrated talking books synchronized with text and images conforming to the DAISY and EPUB standards
  • Obi
    • for producing digital talking books that conforms to DAISY, W3C Audio Books and Accessible EPUB 3 standards.

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